Our Products

A delightfully creamy texture, a light consistency, with no tartness and low acidity is only the beginning of our love for French yogurt. Our ever growing number of flavors only add to the cravings. We just can’t get enough, we are sure you will enjoy it as well.

The Ingredients

We take extra steps to only use the best ingredients in our yogurt. A proprietary blend of healthy probiotics, Raw sugar (from sugar cane), natural fruits, 100% natural Maple Syrup and the highest quality honey. You will be able to pronounce everything in our yogurt, you will even recognize each ingredient. That’s not always possible with commercial yogurts. We do not add starches, pectin, preservatives or fillers. Only natural, healthy ingredients.

Whole Milk

Whole milk has proven to be not only the best for the flavor and texture, but also for your health. Studies show Europeans consume much more whole milk and have less obesity to show for it. To read more on those studies, Click Here.

The Clay Jars

We get asked all the time, “why do you use clay jars for your yogurt?”. There are many reasons.  First, it’s better for the yogurt. Clay jars affect the taste and texture of the yogurt less than any other container. They keep the yogurt lightsafe in order to protect the live bacteria and maintain freshness longer. Secondly, it’s better for the environment. Clay jars are reusable, and infinitely recyclable. Third, it’s been tradition. For centuries, Europeans have used ceramics to store food.

For more information about our unique ceramic jars, please visit www.cermer.com.


Currently we have eleven *flavors:

*Some flavors may be seasonal