All natural, ultra-creamy French-style yogurt made in small batches to produce the freshest European taste not available in the States until now.
Our ceramic packaging is made of clay, natural material, abundant and non-polluting. The environmental impact is much lower than that produced in the manufacture of other packaging. This makes it better for everyone.
We use our own family recipes that have been handed down for generations along with premium ingredients and precise methods making French-style yogurt the standard world-wide. We hope your family enjoys Amelia Natural French Style Yogurt as much as our family does!
Why is our ingredient list so short? Studies show that by using whole milk, there is no need for fillers and additives to achieve the right texture. Scientists have also concluded whole milk is a healthier addition to your diet.
Our yogurt is 100% Natural – No preservatives – No antibiotics – No hormones. We strive only for the best and purest flavors in our yogurt. So, the sugar we use in our fruit flavored yogurts, is raw sugar made of natural sugar cane.