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Tony & Maria Barros relocated from Brazil to Oklahoma in 1994, after purchasing their ranch in Nowata County.  Tony’s ancestors traveled to Brazil from Italy back in early 1900’s. Maria’s family immigrated to Brazil during World War II; her mother from Czechoslovakia and her father from Yugoslavia.

They have one son and two daughters; Jorge, Juliana and Mariana. They also have two granddaughters, Amelia and Claire and one grandson, Caleb. Jorge is married to Carla, Juliana is married to Daniel Forster and Mariana to Dustin Breech.  All three children and their families live in Oklahoma.  The Barros family is not only close in proximity to one another, but also in their core values which are founded on Godly morals and principles. Jorge operates the cattle business at their Canaan Ranch in Nowata. Tony is also a professional jet pilot. This profession allows him to travel all over the world and gives him the opportunity to make friends everywhere he goes.

For generations, the families of both Tony and Maria have considered dairy products an important part of their diet and nutrition and yogurt is still consumed every day. When the Barros’ first moved to the United States, it was difficult to find a yogurt they loved, so they began making their own. Frequently traveling to France, Tony developed friendships with a few traditional yogurt craftsmen and learned how to make the world’s best yogurt.   “French Style Yogurt” is a creamy, non-tart, rich yogurt, made with whole milk and a selection of pro-biotic cultured bacteria. The French have been crafting this treat for centuries and they are proud of their dairy products.

After five years of making yogurt for their family and friends, the Barros’ decided to start Amelia’s Creamery, a commercial production offering their yogurt to the public. A “state-of-the-art”, small batch yogurt factory was built at their ranch, where the quality, cleanliness, and flavor is paramount.  The Barros family is certain that once you taste Amelia’s quality yogurt, you’ll be a fan just like they were when they started making it!

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